• upcoming artist residency Palm Beach

    From October to the end of November I will work in the art studio in the Palm Beach library. The studio will be open for public and I will give two workshops. My residency will result in an exhibition in the library.

    Dates and times will come soon.

  • new illustrations on Vimeo

    I am now also working as a free lance illustrator. My first 'animated science abstracts' are on Vimeo: have a look here

  • Carbon neutral website

    Thank you for visiting my website!

    Since May 2018, my is website is CO2 neutral.

    As a gesture to my muses (the environment and wildlife), I felt compelled to reduce the negative impact on our climate of sharing my work online.

    Therefore, I have neutralized the carbon emissions from my website.
    See my links page and read more at CO2neutralwebsite

    Enjoy the clean clicks!