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What can I do for you?

Research Animations: If you want to share your scientific work with a broader audience, a short animation can highlight the key questions, findings, methods and story of your research. View here View some examples of these animations.

Text Visualisation: If you have information that needs to be understood by illiterate people, either children or adults, an image can explain the key concepts in one or more scenes. An example of this type of work are my illustrations for a questionnaire in rural Vanuatu for Griffith University. View here View a selection of these illustrations.

Illustration and Photography: If you like people to better understand the idea behind your work, images that illustrate your words can help. These images can be illustrations or photographs of objects or scenes that are associated with your work and will attract attention and support for your message.

Documentation of Work: If you need to explain the process or a particular aspect of your work, your work can be documented using photography and video or accurate drawings. These images can enhance the public understanding of your work.